Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's In Your Cellar, JAK?

JAK Meyer
Meyer Family Vineyards

As the proprietor of an Okanagan Falls winery devoted to producing top quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it's no surpire that JAK lists Burgundy as a favoured region to cellar. He looks for wines built to age and evolve over a long time which also draws him to the red blends of Bordeaux and the intense Cabernets of Napa Valley. It is with Napa Cabs that his cellar began, but as his tastes have evolved, so has the make-up of his cellar.

Q - What are your favourite wines to cellar?
My preferences have changed through the years but the ones I keep coming back to are the Bordeaux’s.

Q - What is the purpose of your wine cellar?
This has also changed dramatically as I have learned now I only cellar wines that will evolve and last, purely for enjoyment and sharing.

Q - What inspired you to hold onto that first bottle or case beyond when it was ready to drink?
My first case purchase was a case of 2000 Leonetti Sangiovese from Washington. I was told this was a great wine and should get some on release. I tried a bottle right away and thought it was terrible and very disappointed. They sat for years and one day I1 tried another and it was unbelievable! I loved that wine and now 10 years later I am down to my last couple of bottles and wished I had more!

Q - Is there a jewel of note or a favourite wine in your collection?
2005 Chateau Leoville Las Cases, St-Julien and 2005 Chateau Pavie, St-Emilion. I have not tried them yet but bought these upon release. They are both 100 point wines that I am patiently waiting to try.

Q - Any particular duds or disappointments of note?
Tons. I have about 600 bottles in my cellar and in my early years I bought lots of wine that was ready to drink but had no cellar potential or ageability. I was cellaring faster than drinking and the young wines with no ability to age have turned bad.

Q - What causes you to actually pull the trigger on a special bottle from your cellar?
I say any wine, at any time can be drunk. I would prefer that it is ready but wine is made to be drunk and I will open anything in my cellar.

Q - What have you learned about wine from starting your collection?
The changes in wine are fascinating! I never would have guessed wines could evolve as much as they do.

Q - Would perusing your wine cellar offer any insight into you as a person?
That I am extremely disorganized and messy. My wine cellar looks like a storage room with half the bottles in cases on the floor but I do know where everything is! It looks like my desk.

Q - Any general comments about building a collection?
Decide on the region or varietals you like. Look for bargains such as same area as highly scored wines but relatively unknown. Follow the wine critics and reviewers to find the hidden gems. You will be so happy the day you bought a wine at $40 dollars and then find the later vintages selling for $100 or more. It's like finding hidden treasure!

Q - What advice would you share to anyone wanting to start a collection of their own?
Buy wines for their cellaring capabilities only. Buy wines that will last 10 years or more. Anything else just drink or mark clearly to be drunk in 2 to 3 years.

 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2012

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