Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Winery Spotlight: Tinhorn Creek

Few wineries in the Okanagan Valley can top the consistent value-for-money-to-quality ratio executed by Tinhorn Creek with their impressive line-up of varietal wines priced at $20 and below. The list offers a wide range of wines that should appeal to your touring party where everyone should find something they like, including, for the discerning bunch, a series of excellent, cellar worthy reserve wines.

Located in the Southern Okanagan's soon-to-designated appellation of the Golden Mile Bench, Tinhorn boasts a handsomely situated winery and wine shop with an adjoining restaurant which serves wine-friendly entrées and tapas-styled sharing plates. Miradoro sells Tinhorn wines at wine shop prices and offers a decent list of local favourites from neighboring wineries with the normal restaurant mark-up. A cool, wine community-building gesture, however, with the menu at Miradoro geared towards matching the Tinhorn line-up, the "house wines" remain your best bet.

Family-Friendly Credentials
Tinhorn's Compost Pile
So... you're touring with your family trying to balance your time with fun activities for the kids and wine related fun for the adults. It's hard to commit to winery tours that adhere to a posted schedule and will likely cause your kids to yawn and complain. Tinhorn Creek removes these barriers with their self-guided winery tour that you can start or stop at anytime and not feel like you're holding up a tour group full of folks who, although, publicly smile at your kids are secretly wishing you hadn't brought them.

For older kids, who have caught the save-the-planet fever we all do at some point in our youths when we still think we can single-handedly change the world, you can regale them with the impressive details of Tinhorn's concerted effort in going Green. They are Canada's first 100% carbon neutral winery which includes an emphasis on recycling water and composting all materials. That should satisfy even the most cynical teenager in the group who's pissed they can't drink and you can.

Key wines to try:
Cabernet Franc
Oldfield Series 2Bench Red

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