Wine Touring in the Okanagan Valley and on the Niagara Peninsula has become a big business with ample options to contemplate. Choose from lavish chauffeured-limousine-bus-guided-tours to D-Y-I-stuffed-in-the-DD's-car-leaving-just-enough-room-for-wine-purchases tours and everything in between.

Resources for planning your trip have never been more readily available with many sites and magazines offering tips on where to stay and how to get around and I have no desire to add to the din. However, there are only so many wineries you can visit in one day, therefore, I have put together a few suggestions on Who to visit. The How, I leave up to you.

Caveat: Now lists are, by definition, exclusionary and I am not out to play favourites (or make enemies). The lists below consider: logistics, value for money, tasting room ambiance, the availability of the wine "back home" and are based on my own personal experiences touring the two main wine regions we cover on the Okanagan Valley and the Niagara Peninsula.


For those of you looking to plan your own trip I recommend the following resources:

Wineries Refined - A publication that focuses on Wine Touring in BC.
BC Wine Institute - The BC industry's governing body website.
Wine Country Ontario - Great resource for wineries, festivals and more touring options.

Happy touring!
 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2012