To contact for the purpose of sending samples of your wines  for reviewing, please contact us for shipping and delivery instructions via email:

We remain unaffiliated with any wineries, agents or importers. Your wines will be scored objectively by ISG-trained reviewer Liam Carrier and contributors using the 100 point scale. Less than 80 = Below Average Quality; 81-84 = Average Quality; 85-88 = Above Average Quality; 89-94 = Exceptional Quality; 95-100 = Superior Quality.

Duplicates are welcomed but not required. Results will be posted on our website and extra bottles may be used in articles on our site. IconWines / IconScores enjoys a global and growing audience. Our reviews are frequently searched via Google and Twitter.

Please note that we are located near Vancouver, BC, Canada and that all appropriate duties must be prepaid with accompanying paper-work (if applicable).