Saturday, March 15, 2014

Monthly Picks: March '14 - LaStella/Le Vieux Pin

March's Monthly Picks post is dedicated to the exceptional wines of Okanagan Valley sister wineries LaStella and Le Vieux Pin. Owned and operated by the Enotecca group, both have recently released new wines to the market.

The LaStella wines take their inspiration from Italy while Le Vieux Pin professes Enotecca's love for France's Rhone Valley. Both, however, strive to produce quality, uniquely Okanagan Valley wines, not doppelgangers of each winery's venerable Old World muse.

Le Vieux Pin 2012 Petit Sigma Blanc - $20
A blend of 9 French and Germanic varieties each contributing to a lovely combination of aromatic and rich characters on the exotic fruit and floral nose and on the richly textured palate where a medley of ripe melon, tropical fruit and crisp citrus flavours mingle with stone fruit and mineral notes.
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Le Vieux Pin 2012 Ava - $35
The enchanting, Rhone-inspired "Ava" combines 61% Viognier, 21% Roussanne and 18% Marsanne into a deliciously rich and creamy textured wine that blends tropical and melon fruit with mineral and exotic nut aromas and flavours to create a layered, sensual wine that will stand on its own or pair with Poulet de Bresse-esque dishes.
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LaStella 2011 Fortissimo - $35
Sweet, warm and feminine on the nose, LaStella's ode to establishment-challenging Tuscan wines is a blend of 71% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Cabernet Franc and 5% Sangiovese.
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Le Vieux Pin 2011 Syrah - $TBA
The nose of this Northern-Rhone inspired Syrah is divine, with layers of white pepper, violet flowers, cured meat, vanilla-cola and black cherry aromas producing a heavenly, feminine bouquet that you will want to quaff for hours. 
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LaStella 2011 Maestoso "Solo" Merlot - $100
Supremely elegant and nuanced, LaStella's flagship wine, Maestoso, proves that 100% Merlot wines can be just as memorable and complete as equally priced Cabernet Sauvignon when handled with as much care and detailed attention that the Osoyoos Lake winery applies to this beautiful wine.
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

BC Wine Deal: March 6th, 2014

The following VQA wines have been reduced in price at your local participating VQA and BCLDB stores.

Arrowleaf Pinot Gris was $17.95 is now $16.95
Bench 1775 Chill White Blend was $15.90 
is now $12.90
Bench 1775 Sauvignon Blanc was $17.90 
is now $15.90
Blasted Church Hatfield's Fuse was $18.50 
is now $17.99
Broken Shadow Weathervane was $17.99 
is now $15.99
Broken Shadow Wind Station was $17.99 
is now $15.99
Calona Sovereign Opal was $12.95 
is now $11.95
Cassini Cellars Quattro was $24.90 
is now $19.90
Cedar Creek Merlot Cabernet was $19.95
is now $18.95
Desert Hills D Minor Rouge was $17.90 
is now $16.90
Gray Monk Odyssey Meritage White was $23.99 
is now $18.99
Harper's Trail Gewurztraminer was $17.95 
is now $16.90
Inniskillin Cabernet Sauvignon was $16.99 
is now $14.99
Jackson Triggs Shiraz Reserve was $16.99 
is now $14.99
Joie Gewurztraminer was $22.90 
is now $16.00
La Stella Lastellina Rose was $20.85 
is now $19.00
Le Vieux Pin Petit Blanc was $19.85 
is now $17.00
Le Vieux Pin Vaila Rose was $25.00 
is now $22.00
Lixiere Gewurztraminer was $19.90 
is now $18.50
Mission Hill Chardonnay Five Vineyards was $14.99 
is now $13.99
Mission Hill Pinot Grigio Five Vineyards was $15.99 
is now $14.99
Prospect Regatta Red was $14.99 
is now $13.99
Prospect Shiraz was $15.99 
is now $14.99
Red Rooster Pinot Blanc was $16.95 
is now $14.95
Rigamarole White was $14.99 
is now $13.99
Sandhill Gamay Noir was $19.95 
is now $17.95
Sandhill Pinot Gris was $18.95 
is now $16.95
Sandhill Sauvignon Blanc was $18.95 
is now $17.99
See Ya Later Belle was $18.99 
is now $16.99
See Ya Later Chardonnay was $19.99 
is now $17.99
See Ya Later Hunny was $24.99 
is now $21.99
See Ya Later Nelly was $16.99 
is now $15.99
See Ya Later Ping was $27.99 
is now $24.99
See Ya Later Pinot Gris was $19.99 
is now $16.99
See Ya Later Pinot Noir was $22.00 
is now $19.99
See Ya Later Riesling was $16.99 
is now $15.99
See Ya Later Rover was $24.99 
is now $21.99
Stag's Hollow Syrah was $28.00 
is now $25.00
Thornhaven Pinot Gris was $17.90 
is now $15.90
Tinhorn Creek Gewurztraminer was $18.49 
is now $16.99