Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WCOW: France VS. South Africa

To celebrate the 2010 World Cup of Soccer in South Africa we are hosting a few nation VS. nation competitions of our own whenever two major wine producing countries meet.

Match 3 has France taking on host nation South Africa in a Syrah/Shiraz showdown. Both are warm climate wines. One is from a single vineyard the other is a blend of multiple terroir.

France's Wine: Paul Mas Estate 2008 Syrah/Viognier
Region: Vin de Pays d'Oc
Alcohol: 13.8%
Cost: $16.99
Notes: Small amount of Viognier added for aromatics and colour. Dry, single vineyard, warm climate Syrah with good concentration.

South Africa's Wine: La Motte 2007 Shiraz
Region: Franschhoek Valley
Cost: $16-18
Alcohol: 13.9%
Notes: This wine is a good example of blending for flavour characteristics from unique terroirs.
Full Review

The Conclusion:

Complexity (Nose): La Motte
Complexity (Palate): La Motte
Food Friendly: Paul Mas Estate
Concentration: La Motte
Expression of Terroir: Paul Mas Estate
Value: La Motte
Winner: La Motte

The La Motte Shiraz from South Africa takes the match just as the South Africans did in their final group A game. Sadly France heads home without a win in football or at the World Cup of Wine. The La Motte Shiraz over-delivers for the price and, ironically, at times reminds me of a Southern Rhone Syrah. Details on the full line-up of La Motte wines is available on their website: www.la-motte.com/
- Liam Carrier

Next Match: The final round-robin match-up, Chile VS Spain in a battle of Rose. Then... who will face-off in the round of 16?

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