Thursday, June 24, 2010

WCOW: Chile VS. Spain

To celebrate the 2010 World Cup of Soccer in South Africa we are hosting a few nation VS. nation competitions of our own whenever two major wine producing countries meet.

Match 4 has Chile taking on Spain is a battle of Rosé. Both wines are made from their repestive country's signature grapes. Both are well priced at way below $20 and both countries play an up-tempo style of football (unrelated to wine, of course) - should be a great match.

Chile's Wine: Terra Andina 2008 Carmenère Rosé
Region: Multiple
Cost: $10-12
Alcohol: 12.5%
Notes: Slight residual sugar on the palate. made from 85% Carmenère grapes sourced from multiple Chilean regions. Extremely good value and very refreshing. Great food wine. (Available as a special order from Marc Anthony)

Spain's Wine: Marqués de Caceres 2009 Rosé
Region: Rioja DOC
Cost: $15.99
Alcohol: 13.5%
Notes: A bright pink, dry Rosé made of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. Delicious raspberry and strawberry flavours and aromas. Great food wine. (Widely available at BCLDB stores across BC)

The Conclusion:

Complexity (Nose): Marqués de Caceres
Complexity (Palate): Marqués de Caceres
Food Friendly: Toss-up
Concentration: Marqués de Caceres
Expression of Terroir: Marqués de Caceres
Value: Terra Andina
Winner: Marqués de Caceres

It was a great back-and-forth match with both sides showing flashes of brilliance. but in the end the Marqués de Caceres 2009 Rosé simply offered too much complexity of flavour and aromas to lose. However, I must say that for the price, the Terra Andina 2008 Carmenère Rosé really impresses - if I had created a category in the judging criteria for "refreshment" it would have won with its residual sugar on the palate and good acidity. Well balanced, but just couldn't keep-up with the Spanish attack.
- Liam Carrier

Next Match: TBD - We'll wait to see who faces who in the round of 16 and beyond.

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