Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The World Cup of Wine - U20 Division

Icon Wines Presents The Inaugural:
The World Cup of Wine
U20 Division
Vancouver, Canada:
November 2009 – July 2010

Participating Countries:

Due to the current economic conditions, the inaugural Word Cup of Wine will be limited to 8 countries:
Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, South Africa, USA.

The Rules:

1. Each country will submit four wines to compete in The Finals which will be held in June, 2010. The four wines must consist of: one white single-varietal, one red single-varietal, one white-blend and one red-blend.

  • All wines must be available and cost $20 or less in the host country of Canada.
  • The single-varietal selections must have at least 85% of one varietal.
  • The blends may not have more that 70% of any one varietal.

2. Competition will consist of category specific Head-to-Head battles.

3. The 100 point scale will be used to score the Head-to-Head battles.

  • One wine must be declared the winner, there can me no draws.
  • In the case of a tie following the initial scoring, tie-breakers will determine the winner:
    · Availability. The yearly production of the wine and the public’s access to purchase.
    · Price point. How much the wine costs versus its competitor?
    · X-factor. The judges’ gut reaction to the wine.

4. The World Cup of Wine “Finals” will be contested in June 2010 and will consist of two pools that have been randomly drawn:

  • Pool A: Australia, Argentina, Canada and Italy.
  • Pool B: Chile, France, the USA and South Africa.

Selecting The Teams:

1. Team Managers will be responsible for selecting the wines for the participating countries.

  • Jordan Carrier will be managing Team France and Team Italy.
  • Hugh Carter will be managing Team Australia, Team South Africa and Team USA.
  • Liam Carrier will be managing Team Argentina, Team Canada and Team Chile.

2. Each Team Manager may hold regional and national tryouts in order to pick the strongest competitors for each country.

  • Tryouts are optional.
  • Regional and national tryouts will mimic the “Head-to-Head” format of The Finals.
  • All tryouts will be covered by the Icon Wines staff. Results will be posted on The Cellar Experiment blog and full reviews will be posted on Icon Scores.

3. Team Managers will be allowed to enlist the help of specialists and of the general public to make their team selections.

  • Specialists may include winemakers, wine store experts and critics.
  • The general public will be able to have their say online by way of polls and comments.

The Schedule: Coming Soon...

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