Friday, November 20, 2009

WCOW - The Schedule

November 20th, 2009: For immediate release.

Icon Wines has released the schedule for the 2010 World Cup Of Wine. Consisting of weekly Regional and National try-outs. Coverage of each nation's try-outs will be hosted on BC's premier fine wine website: Results from each week's competition will be posted on Sundays.

The Managers for each participating country may hold regional and national try-outs to help pick the best wine for each category: Single-Varietal White, Single-Varietal Red, White Blend and Red Blend. View the list of rules here.

The Schedule:

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  1. Great idea for a new twist on wine tasting guys. How do you anticipate (if indeed you do) getting out the information for your readers or the public to participate in setting up some matches of their own? I can't quite make out how the Schedule above corresponds with the postings that you've made already in the national playdowns. I think it would be fun to mimic some of your taste-offs - even if only when you reach the Finals and international matches.

    Did you see the Wine Olympics tasting that was put on last month by the BC, Aussie, US and French wine appreciation societies in town?

    Have fun with this concept.