Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flicks and Flights

Our "Flicks and Flights" series has been created to celebrate films that feature wine as a central theme or plot catalyst. Some films will be very familiar and perhaps others will be new to even the most hardcore of vinos. All are worth a viewing if only for the excuse to open a tasty flight of accompanying wines.

Love Wine
A Good Year
Year of the Comet
and more...

The Flicks: There aren’t truly enough to call it a genre, in fact, wine related movies are few and far between. Rarer still is the wine related movie worth watching a second time. This, however, hasn’t stopped me from searching the nether regions of IMDB for films that use wine to define a character’s motivation or help further a plot and with a few carefully calibrated PVR settings and nefarious downloads later the above list has been researched for your viewing and drinking pleasure.

The Flights: Most of the time we’ve gone for wine suggestions based on the appropriate region or terroir that should be tasted rather than recommending specific producers. Find the matching wine available in your area at the price point you want to pay. In some cases, specific labels that are widely available have been suggested to enhance the tasting experience and may be worth stretching the budget to acquire.

Your best bet on sourcing locally available wines from the regions we’ve suggested is to take the list into your nearest fine wine shop and ask for help and recommendations of similar wines. If you have a suggestion for another (or a new) wine related film that we should cover, please add a comment below.

Happy viewing and tasting!
 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2012

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