Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cassini Cellars' Line-Up Expands

Oliver/Osoyoos boutique winery Cassini Cellars is slowly turning into the Lafrenz of the south with a growing line-up of wines each performing well with excellent typicity and signature character.

The line-up expands this Fall to include the Golden Mile Bench winery's first single varietal Cabernet Franc from the excellent 2009 vintage. As well as a new entry-level Pinot Noir from the cool, temperamental 2010 vintage.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Cassini Cellars is certainly a name to get acquainted with. Proprietor Adrian Capeneata is continually refining his skills and style as the head winemaker for his growing operation which is making a name for itself producing both quality, approachable wines and cellar worthy premium fare. Since winning "Best New Winery" at the 2010 BC Wine Awards, Cassini hasn't looked back becoming an award attracting darling. For 2011 the winery won the #14th spot on Wine Access Magazine's list of the Top 25 Wineries of Canada. Impressive. And so are their wines.

Available now:

2010 Sauvignon Blanc - $19
A Sauvignon Blanc hinting towards a New Zealand style with mouth-watering acidity, grassy character and crisp minerality.
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2010 Viognier - $19
The concentration is great and the finish is long, as with most Cassini wines, leaving your mouth with plenty of evidence with which to ponder the lingering flavours.
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2010 Chardonnay - $19
The mouth feel is fairly lush and full for a Chardonnay that only sees a kiss of oak (just 6 weeks in new French oak barrels). The oak succeeds in adding a nice undertone of spice and vanilla bean to the otherwise fruit forward presentation.
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2010 Red Carpet Pinot Noir - $20
The "Red Carpet" Pinot Noir is Cassini's entry-level Pinot produced with minimal oak aging and with the casual meal or get together in mind.
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2009 Reserve Chardonnay - $29
 delightful, fully oaked Chardonnay from a concentrated, hot vintage that manages to remain fairly bright and fruity - not burdened with the chunky nature of lesser, over-oaked Chards.
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2009 Reserve Pinot Noir - $29
Much more complex than the new Red Carpet Pinot Noir. A light-in-the-mouth weight and fluid texture is followed by a long, tart finish with lingering oak spice.
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2009 Malbec - $29
Smooth, integrated tannins are a touch green and won't "ripen" over time, but don't distract from the enjoyment. Lively acid and light mineral notes create a cool and refreshing mouth feel.
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Soon to be released:

2009 Maximus - $29
Silver medal winner at the 2011 Canadian Wine Awards. Perhaps, not as "big" as the 2008 overall, but more refinement on the palate is a welcomed attribute of this new vintage. Based on the pedigree of previous releases and the new use of a real cork enclosure, development seems like a safe bet along with a long lifespan of nearly ten years.
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2009 Syrah - $34
Gold medal winner at the 2011 Canadian Wine Awards. Tannins are plentifully but not intrusive, adding to the texture and longevity of this Syrah.
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2009 Cabernet Franc - $TBA
Silver medal winner at the 2011 Canadian Wine Awards. A delicious Cabernet Franc that tastes like liquid Christmas cake. A great rainy Fall/Winter treat to warm up the senses.
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 -  Liam Carrier ©copyright 2011

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