Sunday, October 9, 2011

BC Wine Deal: October 9th, 2011

The following wines have been reduced in price at participating VQA wine shops. Some reductions are due to new vintages being released soon and others are simply to help move stock.

Arrowleaf Solstice Gewurztraminer was $20.00 is now $16.99
Open Cabernet/Merlot was $14.99 is now $13.99
Open Merlot was $14.99 is now $13.99
Open Sauvignon Blanc was $14.99 is now $13.99
Rigamarole Red was $14.99 is now $13.99
Rigamarole Rose was $14.99 is now $13.99
Rigamarole White was $14.99 is now $13.99
See Ya Later Ranch Brut was $23.99 is now $22.99
Sumac Ridge Cabernet/Merlot was $14.99 v $13.99
Sumac Ridge Chardonnay Private Reserve was $13.99 is now $12.99
Sumac Ridge Private Reserve Merlot was $15.99 is now $14.99
Sumac Ridge Stellar's Jay Brut was $26.99 is now $24.99
Township 7 Sauvignon Blanc was $18.99 is now $17.49

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