Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Meritage Rd2 - Elite Eight Results

The "round of eight" saw three #1 ranked wines make it to the Final Four. The only upset of Rd2 saw the La Frenz 2007 Grand Total Reserve squeeze out a victory over the Poplar Grove 2006 The Legacy in the Naramata Bench Conference. Other Rd2 winners were Black Hills 2008 Nota Bene over Burrowing Owl 2007 Meirtage in the Black Sage Bench Conference, Fairview Cellars 2008 The Bear over the Tinhorn Creek 2007 2Bench Red in the Golden Mile Bench Conference and the Mission Hill 2007 Compendium over the Stag's Hollow 2007 The Heritage Block in the Wild Card Conference. When asked about the lack of upsets, the organizing committee spokesman answered in a post Rd2 press conference, "I suppose it validates the pre-tournament ranking system... and the power of ouija."

Complete Box Scores:

Golden Mile Bench Conference

W - (1) FC '08 The Bear: Points: 91-93. Cost: $35
L - (3) TC '07 2Bench Red: Points: 91+. Cost $30
Game notes: In a battle of "drink now VS. drink later" most thirsty wine drinkers will opt for "drink now" the majority of the time when choosing to purchase a wine. Therefore, it's a testament to a wine's ability to be intriguing and alluring that possesses wine lovers to delay their carnal thirst 2-3 years in anticipation of a superior product at the climax. Such is the story of Fairview Cellars whose wines are built to last and are snatched-up by patient, patient folks. The wait is worth it, especially when the "now" is pretty fantastic as well.

Naramata Bench Conference

W - (2) LF '07 Grand Total: Points: 92-93. Cost: $40
L - (1) PG '06 The Legacy: Points: 91. Cost $50
Game notes: Riding the wave of confidence generated from a successful winery re-branding effort in 2010, the Grand Total looked the part of the Naramata Bench Conference champion and "Final Four" wine. The new label design pays homage to the scenic view of Naramata Bench as seen on the Canadian $100 bill circa 1954. The Cabernet Franc heavy blend proved too aromatic for The Legacy which, in spite of defeat, earned legions of new fans due to its impressive showing.

Wild Card Conference

W - (1) MH '07 Compendium: Points: 91+. Cost: $45
L - (3) SH '07 The Heritage Block: 88-89. Cost: $25
Game notes: Having earned the nickname "The Vincor Killer" after its first round victory over the '07 Petales d'Osoyoos, the Stag's Hollow 2007 The Heritage Block tried to live up to the infamy and go 2-0 against the big boys in its second round match VS. the Mission Hill 2007 Compendium. It was a valiant effort, but in the end the Kelowna-based winery's powerful Meritage proved to be too much for the Okanagan Falls charmer. With power and elegance the Compendium punches its ticket for the Final Four.

Black Sage Bench Conference

W - (1) BH '08 Nota Bene: Points: 91. Cost $57
L - (2) BO '07 Meritage: Points: 90-91. Cost: $45
Game Notes: A titillating match-up of two wines known as much for their brand recognition as for their excellent quality. Both wines attacked with a strong barrage of "word of mouth" and "notoriety" only to find that after 40 grueling minutes of action, the wines remained equal. In a moment of genius, as the first overtime stanza came close to concluding with the wines deadlocked, Black Hills played their Jason Priestley card and the minority shareholder tipped the match in their favour with an energetic explanation of the term "field blend".
 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2011

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