Friday, February 5, 2010

17 Days, 17 Wines - Part 2

Day 9 - Apolo No No
American Short Track speed skating star Apolo Ohno will be competing for his umpteenth medal on Day 9 and I will be interested to see if he's as arrogant as he has been in the past in either victory or defeat. Likely he has mellowed and matured with age just like this fabulous Blackwood Lane 2005 Merlot. If you can't find the 2005 at a private fine wine shop, visit the winery in Langley, BC and pick up the 2006 vintage.

Day 10 - Men's Hockey: Canada VS. USA
As a nation we Canadians put a lot of trust into the folks who pick the Canadian men's hockey team to select the right players and bring home the gold. The biggest test of the non-medal round will be against our cousins to the south, the Americans, on February 21st. The perfect pairing for this leap of faith is the excellent Laughing Stock's 2007 Blind Trust Red.

Day 11 - Teamwork, With An Emphasis On Work
Cross-Country Skiing events are the winter Olympics equivalent of the summer Olympics' track & field events. On Day 11 both the men and women compete in the freestyle skiing team sprints which is similar to the 4X400m relay in running, but longer. Relays require teamwork, timing and a lot of hard work. Starting a new winery does too. Tantalus Vineyards is the new-kid-on-the-block in Kelowna. An up-and-coming star that you will likely here a lot more of in 2010. Start your introduction with the superb Tantalus Vineyards 2007 Pinot Noir.

Day 12 - A Medley Of Sorts
The Nordic Combined Team gold medal will be handed out on Day 12 which is a combination of ski jumping and a cross-country relay. This medley should pair nicely with an inspired Meritage blend. One medley to another. The See Ya Later Ranch 2006 Ping is such a blend.

Day 13 - Flying High
Freestyle Skiing - Aerials is another crazy sport where competitors seem to break the laws of physics temporarily and fly through the air. Gravity always wins, however, sometimes in spectacular fashion. Those who survive the craziness of 4 flips and 3 turns to win gold, do so to a chorus of applause. Thus, the perfect pairing in Stoneboat Vineyards 2008 Chorus.

Day 14 - Nice Figure
The Ladies take center stage on Day 14 with their "Free" program that will determine the Olympic champion. This second, and longer of the two required routines, is always more sensual and artistic than the short program which is all about jumps and turns. This requires a sensual and artistic wine and I can think of no better pairing than Cedar Creek's 2006 Estate Select Pinot Noir. Simply put, it's beautiful.

Day 15 - Cool It!
The action on February 26th will be intense at The Pacific Coliseum where no less than three Short Track Speed Skating medals will be handed out. You'll need a crisp and refreshing drink to cool you down as you watch intently at home. The Averill Creek Vineyard 2007 Pinot Gris will do the trick.

Day 16 - Go The Distance
The women's 30 km Cross-Country Skiing event runs on the penultimate day of the games. For this marathon you will need a wine that will go the distance. There is no better pairing than the excellent La Frenz Winery 2006 Reserve that has a finish that lasts for a very long time. Not quite as long as 30 km, however.

Day 17 - Men's Gold Medal Hockey Game / Closing Ceremony
My "pairing" suggestion for the gold medal hockey match itself is beer. However, my suggestion for a wine to enjoy during your closing ceremony get-together depends on the result of the men's game. Should the home team win big, Canadian fans should open a nice bottle or two of Okanagan bubbly: Sumac Ridge Tribute Gold. Should the home team lose, Canadian fans should drown their sorrows in what may be the best wine produced in BC: Blackwood Lane's 2006 Reference.
- LC

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