Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WCOW'14: Match 2

Match 2: Monday, June 16th
Countries: Germany VS. Portugal
Theme: Crisp Whites

Germany - 3
Portugal - 3

The Wines

Germany: Clean Slate 2012 Riesling
Availability: BCLDB
Cost: $14.99
Alcohol: 10.5
Icon Score

Portugal: Casal Garcia N/V Vinho Verde
Availability: BCLDB and Private Stores
Cost: $11.99
Alcohol: 10%

The Results

Complexity:    Clean Slate Riesling
Food Friendliness:      
Casal Garcia
Clean Slate Riesling
Casal Garcia
Expression of Terroir:    
Clean Slate Riesling
Casal Garcia


On the pitch, the contest wasn't close with Portugal self-destructing under the pressure of Germany's sound, methodical constant attack. In the cellar, the match was even with both teams winning 3 categories each. Portugal's non-vintage Casal Garcia scored on value, concentration and its ability to pair easily with food while Germany's Clean Slate scored on complexity, typicity and its expression of terroir. - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2014 IconWines.ca

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