Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 World Cup Of Wine

To celebrate the 2014 World Cup of Soccer in Brazil we are hosting a few nation VS. nation competitions of our own, of the wine variety, obviously. There are a number of the world's major wine producing nations competing in "The Finals" and each time they meet we will have their wines compete head-to-head. Themes have been chosen for each match-up to help frame a judgeable context.

Wines will be judged on:

Food Friendliness

Expression of Terroir

The Schedule

Group Stage:

Match 1Friday, June 13th
Countries: Chile VS. Australia
Theme: Syrah/Shiraz
Results Chile 2, Australia 3

Match 2: Monday, June 16th
Countries: Germany VS. Portugal
Theme: Crisp Whites
Results Germany 3, Portugal 3

Match 3Wednesday, June 18th
Countries: Spain  VS. Chile
Theme: Budget Red Blends
Results - Spain 3 - Chile 2

Match 4: Sunday, June 22nd

Countries: USA VS. Portugal
Theme: Field Blends
Results - USA 3, Portugal 3

Match 5: Monday, June 23rd
Countries: Australia VS. Spain
Theme: Budget Whites
Results - Australia 1, Spain 5

Match 6Thursday, June 26th
Countries: USA VS. Germany
Theme: Riesling
Results - USA 3, Germany 3

Knockout Stage:

TBD - Upon advancement of wine producing nations.

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