Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wines for Canada Day 2013

Each year July 1st marks Canada’s “birthday” and many of us have the day off and an excuse to celebrate. Sadly, Canada Day doesn’t always equate to good weather (especially in BC where this site originates), therefore, we've compiled a list of wines for you to enjoy no matter what Mother Nature sends your way.

For this year's list we're, appropriately, only listing the excellent and under appreciated wines of Canada, which are becoming easier to purchase across Provincial borders thanks, in part, to the tireless efforts of folks like www.freemygrapes.ca.

If it’s nice and hot where you are – and ideally that will be the case for most of us – then we have some heat-quenching wine suggestions for you to enjoy of a hot patio, deck or dock.

Fort Berens Estate Winery 2012 23 Camels White - $17
This tangy and playful blend of 60% Pinot Gris, 20% Chardonnay and 20% Riesling is all about its well balanced palate with tart green apple mingling with ripe grapefruit and juicy white peach flavours. The mouth-watering, long finish lingers with herbal notes and lots of green apple and lime peel acidity.
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Little Straw Vineyards 2012 Tapestry - $18
Though a blend of Riesling, Auxerrois, Gewurztraminer, Siegerrebe and Schonburger, it's the Gewurztraminer that plays the lead character in 2012 with lush tropical fruit on the floral nose and the off-dry palate which starts with a chewy (gooey) texture and then finishes crisp and tangy thanks to its pronounced grapefruit acidity.
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JoieFarm 2012 A Noble Blend - $24
Delivering rich, complex flavours of tropical fruit, apples, lime rind and clove spice on the off-dry, vibrant palate and delicate aromas of kiwi fruit, lychee and peaches on the delightful nose.
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If it’s cloudy where you are, well, look on the bright side – at least it isn’t raining. Cloudy weather (assuming it’s also a bit cool) calls for something with some body and texture to compliment a wide variety of foods. Think lighter reds and rosé.

River Stone Estate Winery 2012 Malbec Rosé - $20
Bold, both in hue and in flavour, the River Stone Malbec Rosé is one of the more colourful and fuller-bodied blush wines on the market in BC today. Juicy and ripe cran-apple, pomegranate and strawberry flavours are supported by light tannins and grapefruit acidity.
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Meyer Family Vineyards 2011 Pinot Noir - $25
A gorgeous, complex array of cherry-cola, raspberry, sweet oak, vanilla, forest floor and warm earth aromas greet you on the nose of this blend of Pinot Noir batches from numerous locations all over the Okanagan Valley.
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Le Vieux Pin 2011 "Cuvée Violette" Syrah - $30
Focuses more on the aromatic qualities of the Rhone Valley grape while the palate has been left quite light with a good balance of fruit, pepper and herbaceous flavours, while the nose successfully expresses the lovely, feminine, floral aromas achievable by Syrah.
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If it’s raining where you are then you may be spending a large portion of your Canada Day indoors. This calls for a soothing and cheerful red wine to lift your spirits.

Chateau Des Charmes 2009 Cabernet-Merlot - $13
An impressive "budget" blend that over-delivers for the price with a nice nose of cassis, blackberry, vanilla spice and oak aromas followed by a medium-bodied, smooth-tannin palate with a good balance of mature dark fruit and savoury herbs'n'spice flavours.
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Stag's Hollow Winery 2010 Heritage Block - $25
Although a "Bordeaux style" blend, the Heritage Block has always been quite New World-y in its approach to showcasing the rich and vibrant fruitiness of the classic combination of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
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Howling Bluff Estate Winery 2010 Summa Quies Vineyard Sin Cera - $29
A blend of all five Bordeaux varietals and aged in French oak for 18 months, the Sin Cera is an irresistible femme fatale that jumps out of the glass with potent, yet graceful, feminine aromas of baked cherry and blackberry fruit, plum preserve, cooking spice, sweet licorice, vanilla, toasted oak and holds your attention through to the equally seductive, fine tannin and similarly flavoured palate.
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Have a fun and safe Canada Day celebration – wherever you are!

 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2013 IconWines.ca

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