Friday, June 7, 2013

#WBC13 Day 1 - Part1

Day one of the Wine Bloggers' Conference began with a key note address from the dry-humoured Jim Conaway, author of the novel "Nose" and a best selling historical book of "Napa: The Story of American Eden", who recounted his long journey to fine wine through the mediocre plunk that many of us experiment with before our personal wine education begins in earnest. Conaway's entertaining thesis was the important role writers play in presenting and interpreting the milieu between the wine industry's message and that of the "truth" behind the spin. Essentially, what all writers should strive for and some do better than others in this age of free online content where the lines between personal opinion and industry-fed talking points can be thin.

Affable and soft spoken, Conaway's comforting southern accent contrasted his stark appraisal of the current state of publishing during the Q and A session - a reminder to all bloggers attending the conference to keep their dreams of inevitable financial reward for their hard work in-check.

A good segue into the next session on "The State of Wine Blogging" based on data collected from a survey to current and past WBC attendees (256 people contributed). The results? Well, predictably the majority of wine bloggers are male, don't generate any revenue from their endeavor and write the blog the satisfy their own passion for wine. Sounds familiar. For a full breakdown of the survey results view the report visit the wine bloggers' conference website.
 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2013

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