Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's in Your Cellar, Glenn?

Photo courtesy of Black Hills Estate Winery
Glenn Fawcett
Black Hills Estate Winery

When Glenn Fawcett became the president of Black Hills Estate Winery in 2006 he began a program to upgrade the equipment and slowly expand the portfolio of wines which now includes a second label called Cellar Hand. He believes in the quality of the wines of British Columbia and this is reflected in his cellar selections which includes 11 vintages of the winery's flagship wine Nota Bene and other local blends and Syrah. His general advice on building a collection is to "Save what you love!" Good advice to follow considering you will likely end-up drinking it all as private wine sales between collectors is still illegal in BC.

Q - What are your favourite wines to cellar/collect?
Typically Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Bordeaux Style blends

Q - What are your favourite wine regions to cellar/collect?
Black Sage Road, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Russian River, Santa Lucia Highlands, Rioja, Bordeaux and Tuscany.

Q - What is the purpose of your wine cellar/collection?
If we go on a wine tour or wine buying trip, we often buy bottles that we want to save for a special occasion to share with friends. Having a cellar allows you to save those wines for those special moments

Q - Is there a jewel of note or a favourite wine in your collection?
Tensley Syrah. (From Santa Barbara California)

Q - Any particular duds or disappointments of note?
As a general rule I have found that Merlot has not aged that well for us

Q - What inspired you to hold onto that first bottle or case beyond when it was ready to drink?
The passionate recommendation of a Winemaker, who told me it would only get better with age

Q - Was there a particular bottle or region of wine that was the impetus of starting your collection?
Sandhill Phantom Creek Syrah.

Q - What causes you to actually pull the trigger on a special bottle from your cellar?
The realization that we have a group of friends together that have not been together for a long time

Q - What have you learned about wine from starting your collection?
How much we love wine!

Q - Would perusing your wine cellar offer any insight into you as a person?
How incredibly passionate we are about Canadian Wine from a variety of producers.
Q - What advice would you share to anyone wanting to start a collection of wine?
Do as much research as possible to determine the age ability of the wine.

 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2012

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