Friday, May 18, 2012

Winery Spotlight: Fairview Cellars

Describing the wines of Fairview Cellars is a little like describing the man behind the winery, proprietor and winemaker Bill Eggert: lively, intense, charming with layers of discreet refinement and a whole lot of outward character. The winery is located at the northern end of the Golden Mile Bench’s alluvial fan, just outside of Oliver and its unique terroir produces cool-climate Cabernets with impressive ripeness and complexity. The signature wines are Cabernet Sauvignon-based red blends that, should they accompany you home, will make a proud and lengthy addition to your cellar or wine rack as they are built to age gracefully. For directions and contact information (occasionally appointments are needed) visit

Eclectic Credentials
Conversations in the small, wood-cabin tasting room, decorated with nostalgia and fan-written poetry, can range from the government’s enforcement of tax collecting to intricate details of how Cabernet Sauvignon responds to the unique terroir of the Fairview site through to the lack of depth on the Canucks blue line. Anything goes and opinions are free of charge. Repeat patronage will be rewarded with samples of rare library wines normally reserved for the wine lists of BC’s top restaurants and which serve the added goal of showcasing the developing longevity of BC reds. You may be asked to taste these blind and you’d be wise to subtract 5 years to your vintage guess to score a second pour. A visit to Fairview cellars is sure to be memorable.

Key wines to try:
The Bear
Two Hoots
Sauvignon Blanc

 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2012

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