Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WCOW: Spain VS. Germany

To celebrate the 2010 World Cup of Soccer in South Africa we are hosting a few nation VS. nation competitions of our own whenever two major wine producing countries meet.

Match 7 has Spain facing off against Germany in the semifinal to decide who will face Holland in the finals. The theme for the match is Budget White wines and both countries produce a wide selection. Germany's budget wines are often produced in a off-dry or even semi-sweet style and come from the Rheinhessen where yields are very high. Spain's budget whites are less easily typified and come from all over the country due to inexpensive land and labour (relatively speaking). The two wines we selected for the match-up at under $10 and offer good typicity for the theme.

Spain's Wine: Castillo de Monseran 2007 Carinena Viura
Region: Aragón
Cost: $8.99
Alcohol: 12.5%
Notes: Dry, with citrus fruit, mineral, mediterranean fruit flavours. Moderately intense and refreshing. Excellent value. Pairs well with white fish.

Germany's Wine: Blue Nun Qualitatswein
Region: Rheinhessen
Cost: $9.99
Alcohol: 9.5%
Notes: Off-dry, blend of Silvaner and Muller-Thurgau. Notoriously known as a cheap, pure quality wine, popular in the 70's. Modern example is well made with modern techniques. Simple, far from complex, but not the swill of old. Matches many dishes.

The Conclusion:

Complexity (Nose): Castillo de Monseran
Complexity (Palate): Castillo de Monseran
Food Friendly: Blue Nun Qualitatswein
Concentration: Blue Nun Qualitatswein
Expression of Terroir: Castillo de Monseran
Value: Castillo de Monseran
Winner: Castillo de Monseran

Despite the fact that the modern-day Blue Nun is miles better than the sweet, 70's export favourite, in this match-up is loses out to the Spanish Viura - an echo of Germany's performance on the pitch. The Spanish wine, for the price, offers excellent concentration and expression of the hot, arid terroir it comes from.
 - Liam Carrier

Next Match: We'll switch gears for the World Cup Final on Sunday, July 11th and have the Dutch face-off against the Spanish in a battle of beers. Stay tuned.

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