Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Profile: Liam Carrier

Liam’s interest in wine was ignited at a quiet dinner party at the age of 25 in the form of a fine Alsatian Riesling matched perfectly with spicy Thai food which awakened his curiosity. To that point, wine had been but a drink to have with dinner, never an integral piece of the gastronomic puzzle. From then on, he gradually sought out more wines with which to challenge his late-blooming palate and thus began a life-long love-affair with wine.

Today, Liam is studying with the International Guild of Sommeliers to further his wine education and increase his enjoyment of wine. He hopes to turn iconwines.ca into an internationally renowned website on Canadian wine and the icon wines of the world.

Born in London, Ontario he moved to British Columbia with his family at the age of six and has called both White Rock and Vancouver home. Currently residing in Port Moody, BC with his own, growing family, he splits his time as a wine reviewer and program manager in the software industry.


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