Thursday, September 13, 2018

Get to know...Michal Mosny

Photo credit: Penticton Herald (with his wife Martina)
Michal Mosny
Vintner, Winemaker's Cut
Oliver, BC

Michal has been the consulting winemaker and general manager for Summerland's foreign-owned, Lunessence Winery and Vineyard, for the past two years and is shepherding his own label, Winemaker's Cut.

Get to know Michal and get to know the wines of Winemaker's Cut a bit better...

Key wines to try:
Sauvignon Blanc: 2016, 2017

Syrah: 2015, 2016

What do you enjoy most about making wine?
Winemaking is my life. I enjoy it as a whole, starting in the vineyard each winter/spring until bottling, labelling and sharing wine with friends and customers. I enjoy working with mother nature, learning to understand the vineyard and terroir. Especially enjoy to work with same vineyards for long time to see the differences between vintages, how our work in the vineyard reflects in wine and how we learn to understand each vineyard. And there is lots to learn every year and that is fascinating.

What inspired you to become a winemaker?
I was inspired by the fact, that there is some tradition in making wine in our family that goes back to France. I love the whole life around growing grapes then helping them to become wine. Vineyard is one of the most important part of winemaking to me. I believe that the decisions you make in the vineyard reflects in wine more than anything you do in the cellar. Winemaking is a different world, different matrix in the world of nature. Never ending search for that perfect formula for your wine or vineyard where the variables are constantly changing.

What causes you the most stress during harvest?
I am trying to enjoy each harvest without stress. But when it comes to important steps during harvest, fun is over, grapes and wine are on the first place. The biggest stress is mostly when the weather changes unexpectedly and we have to rush picking. 

What is your favourite and/or least favourite wine cliché?
That is tough because many favourite cliche became my least favourite over the years seeing how they are being miss-used by “marketing". But my most favourite always is: In wine is the truth.

Away from the cellar and vineyard, what’s your greatest passion in life?
Spending time with my wife Martina and our dog Milo and traveling, exploring new cultures, places, wines, food.

After a long day of work in the cellar, what do you turn to for refreshment?
A glass of wine that we are making. It is very rewarding and keeps me being motivated.

If you could take credit for one other BC wine on the market today, which would it be and why?
With all respect to other BC wines, being busy in the vineyard and cellar, I have absolutely no time to tour wineries or taste wines from other BC wineries. But my choice would be a wine from small-mid size winery owned by a passionate winemaker.

Of the wines in your portfolio, do you have a favourite food pairing to go with one of the wines?
Winemaker’s CUT Sauvignon Blanc 2016 and sable fish. Heaven in my mouth.

What do you think will be the next big trend in BC wine over the next few years?
For us, small wineries, vintners, the best is to stay focused on wine because at the end, that is all that matters. I wish wine will become free in Canada one day and not considered as “bad alcohol” that has to be regulated.

Screwcap or cork? What’s your preference?
It all depends on wine and the vineyard the grapes are coming from. I like to make wines that go under cork. But I like screwcup on some types of wine.

 - Liam Carrier ©copyright 2018

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