Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Painted Rock's New Digs

The parting sea entrance to Painted Rock's new tasting room.

Since it released its first wines to the public in 2009 (with reds from the fantastic 2007 vintage and a Chardonnay from 2008), Painted Rock has been a must-visit winery due to the extraordinary quality and collectability of the destined to be cult-collected wines. Prior to the opening of its new facility, a visit to Painted Rock consisted of cramming into a humble, small shack, originally procured as an employee break room, or by filing into the winery's cellar warehouse for a sip of the critically acclaimed portfolio. Now, the Penticton winery, situated beautifully along the Skaha Bench, can entertain patrons in a style better suited to match the prestige of the winery's building brand. They are promoting a high-quality, luxury product, with prices to match, yet, ultimately delivering on this marketing promise with exceptional wines, raising the bar of expectations for all Okanagan valley winery's looking to release ultra-premium wines. With the opening of their new tasting room and event facility, Painted Rock are also helping to raise the bar on the expectations of BC's wine tourists.

All photos by author.

Minimalist interior with a white wash affect drawing your attention to the branding.

Interior space effortlessly transitions to the exterior offering more seating and entertaining options.

Lower landing takes full advantage of the incredible view for weddings or similar formal events.

Walk the beautiful vineyard.

Ultra-modern styling on the building envelop.

- Liam Carrier ©copyright 2013 IconWines.ca

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