Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes They Get It Right

BCLDB showing their seldom seen flexibility at the VPIWF

To give credit where credit is due, the upcoming Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival (#VPIWF) will have some great options for consumers during the three nights the International Tasting Room is open to the public. Nightly, March 1st through 3rd, the participating wineries will be pouring their wares for ticket holders eager to explore the variety of otherwise unavailable or unattainable wines on offer. Should consumers fall in love with a wine and want to purchase, the BCLDB will have an on-site wine store set-up with some unique options for shoppers:
  • A free bottle check service allowing you to purchase early in the evening and have the wines set aside for you to pick up when you leave.
  • Or, take advantage of the free shipping service to your local BC Liquor Store.
  • Then get home safely with a complimentary single zone transit ticket from the BC Liquor Stores Get Home Safe booth.
It's easy to be critical of a monopolistic government body that controls every aspect of the wine business in the Province of BC with occasional joyless autocracy, but sometimes the BCLDB gets it right and needs to be commended. So, congratulations to the Liquor Board and the organizers of the festival for thinking of ways of making the purchasing and consumption of wine feel more like the positive experience it should be rather than the burden on society it is often likened to.

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