Friday, July 8, 2011

Bargain Bordeaux

The 2009 Bordeaux vintage has been lauded by some wine writers as the best in 50 years. When they write statements like this they are generally discussing the high-end wines to which, fairly or unfairly, all of Bordeaux is measured upon. The positive reviews have caused the prices of the top wines to skyrocket making them unattainable to most of the wine drinking public. Of course, there is much more to Bordeaux than the 1855 classified Medoc wines and the equally expensive top-end Left Bank wines. The "lesser" wines make-up more than 80% of the wines produced and exported from Bordeaux. So, how did the more affordable Cru Bourgeois and non-classified wines fair? Well, pretty darn good, actually, and their prices have remained within reach. Below is a few of our selections for "Bargain Bordeaux" wines that over-deliver and will fit into your budget.

Maison Calvet 2009 Reserve - $16
Ripe, dark fruits and black licorice candy aromas dominate the juicy and concentrated nose. The dry palate follows with lighter than expected weight, easy-drinking tannins, a touch of spice and ripe plum and blackberry flavours.
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Chateau Pey La Tour 2009 Grand Vin - $17
The Chateau Pey La Tour is a blend of 77% Merlot, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc and 1% Petit Verdot and offers good value for money with juicy, dark berries and savoury, leather and coffee bean characters.
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Chateau Bellevue La Randee 2009 Grand Vin - $25
Far from a wallflower, this intense blend from Bordeaux offers a big nose full of earthy characters and complex aromas of blueberry, cassis, plum, cedar, hazelnut, vanilla, oak and smoke with floral notes and Cabernet Franc funk.
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L'Etoile de Bergey 2009 Grand Vin - $20-30
Elegant and polished from the refined, cherry, field berry, cassis and savoury oak infused nose through to the dry, blackberry puree, poppy seed, licorice and rhubarb influenced palate.
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