Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy holidays... and why I love Canadian wine

The Holidays (Christmas and New Years for my family) makes me very sentimental for the great loves of my life: family, friends, food, hockey and, of course, wine. This time of year, my mind wonders to thousands of nostalgic thoughts from the past 12 months. Mostly warm and fuzzy memories of my daughter and wife, Gold-medal winning goals, and many, many great bottles of wine shared with family and friends. Each bottle containing a story that unfolds in the glass – some mere pamphlets and others fully engaging prose. Happily, I tend to forget the disappointing corked bottles that I had to return and the silly mistakes like smashing a $60 bottle of Bordeaux on the kitchen floor.

As I look back at my notes from 2010 I’m flooded with the many stories behind the wines; how it was produced, where it was produced and by whom. In my reviews I always try and tell a bit of this story as I believe it broadens the experience of what’s in the glass. Not to state that the story itself makes the wine, but rather that it can enhance ones appreciation and understanding of that wine.

None of the stories from these bottles of wine are more vivid to me than the ones produced right in my backyard. For many of these wines I have met their creators, I have walked in their vineyards and I have even tasted the soil that nourishes the vines. I’m privileged to live In BC where the Okanagan and Vancouver Island wine regions are available to me whenever I want. Plus, my yearly visit to the Niagara Peninsula allows me to connect properly with its producers and products.

I really can’t recommend this type of trip more adamantly. Wherever you live, visit your local wine region and producers. You may prefer the wines of another country or region, but nevertheless I guarantee you will find it rewarding and allow you to appreciate your favourites wines that much more.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. May your heart be open and your glass full.

Liam Carrier

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  1. Liam, what a very lovely piece. I especially liked your closer - and so, back at you: May your heart be open and your glass full, indeed.