Friday, August 27, 2010

$100 on Niagara Wine

The popularity of our $100 on BC Wine suggestions begged for an Ontario Wine sequel. We've only been able to visit the many Niagara appellations, thus far, therefore our suggestions are limited to the peninsula (sorry Prince Edward County - we'll get out there eventually).

So... you have $100 to spend on good Niagara Wine. Well, here are a few suggestions on how to spend your money:

The Two Bottle "Pinot Noir" Option
One bottle of Le Clos Jordanne 2006 Le Grand Clos Pinot Noir - $70. One bottle of the Tawse Winery 2007 Pinot Noir - $30. Opening a bottle of Le Grand Clos is a special event itself. A Tawse Pinot is a more than worthy companion.

The Two Bottle "Red Blend" Option
One bottle of Tawse Winery 2007 Meritage - $58. One bottle of Stratus Vineyards 2007 Red (possibly their best yet) - $44. Both are powerful, age worthy and delicious red varietal blends.

The Three Bottle "Cabernet Franc" Option
One bottle of the Thirty Bench Estate Winery 2007 Small Lot Cabernet Franc - $40. One bottle of the Stratus Vineyards 2007 Cabernet Franc - $38. One bottle of the Coyote's Run 2008 Black Paw Cabernet Franc - $22. Three amazing wines that will give you a master's course on quality Niagara Cabernet Franc.

The Four Bottle "Now and Later" Option
Two bottles of Fielding Estate Winery 2008 Red Conception - $19. Two bottles of Hidden Bench Estate Winery 2008 Estate Chardonnay - $32. Enjoy one bottle of each now, both are very drinkable young, and put one bottle of each away for a year or more and see how they develop. Both are quality wines and very tasty.

The Four Bottle "Aromatic White" Option
One bottle of Lailey Vineyard 2009 Riesling - $18. One bottle of Fielding Estate Winery 2009 Viognier - $30. One bottle of Thirty Bench Estate Winery 2008 Woodpost Riesling - $30. One bottle of Coyote's Run Estate Vineyard 2009 Pinot Blanc. That is one heck of a recipe for a fantastic late summer party.

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